New technology

Introducing our new Liquid-Solid Separator

We are proud to announce that we developed the SL (solid-liquid) separator. This unique piece of technology enables to separate liquid streams without using chemicals. The SL separator comes in several embodiments, ranging from a processing capacity of 30 liters till 4000 liters per hour.

The main concept of this ingenious design concerns liquid streams within the machine which are lead and divided over the rotor. The centrifugal power enables the solid parts to stick to the side of the rotor. The liquid then streams from bottom to the top, in which the length of the rotor will be the factor in efficiency. If the rotor is full of solid parts it will be cleansed by a spraying installation. The so called CIP (Clean In Place) process. During the CIP process the rotor is cleansed by a water spray from top till bottom and the solid parts will leave the central outlet, be collected and eventually be reused. This concept is mainly suitable for small solid parts of 10/2000 microns in a low concentration. For example 1/10 per liter and high liquid streams of 1 till 4m3/hour. An important requirement is that solid parts cannot be heavier than the liquid and that the viscosity cannot be higher than 250Pa.s.

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The technology is part of application and solutions we tailor make in order to get the most positive outcomes. Currently the solid liquid separator is being used to recycle silica parts out of processed water, separating manganese oxide from a wastewater stream and removing part from oil for the food and nutrition industry. Furthermore, the method which can be used to remove starch from wastewater and removing parts from bio diesel is being investigated.


The main benefit of this new technology is that we enable you to re-use materials, save costs and hereby contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. Furthermore this technology enables you to be a part of the circular economy. A durable and profitable system in which re-using products and materials are central. May you have any question, please contact and our sales team and engineers will be more than willing to help.