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This page contains the several product types, which we use in our application/solution way of working. Separation is one of our fundamental technologies. Therefore we put extra emphasis on this unique technology. This expertise is converted into the HC product line. A product line which enables you to separate solid from liquid or liquid from liquid. Following product types, applicable industries and brochures with detailed information are highlighted. May you have any question, Please contact us for more information.

The HC (Hybrid centrifuge) product range enables our customers to separate liquid from liquid or liquid from solid by using centrifugal forces. Beneficial effects are that they can re-use materials, save energy, lower costs and hereby contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. This coincides with our mission and vision. The video below throgoughly explains the way of working of our HC units.

Separation plant

Here you can see a HC10, the smallest separator of our unique HC product line.

Separation plant

Here you can see an indication of a complete separation plant that can be customized completely to your demands.

The HC product range consists of multiple types of centrifuges and are part of application/solutions we offer. All with various sizes and capacities. We are also capable to deliver complete system integration. This includes feed pumps, valves, etc. Our skilled installation crew can also take care of on-site installation and commissioning for our customers, but also additional work such as piping for supply and discharge. We work according to several regulations and certifications, such as VCA** and ISO 9001 and ISO 3834. Please refer to our product lines, product brochures or contact us for more detailed information. Applicable industries are listed below.

Product lines separation technology


  1. Gravity separators

  2. Solid-liquid separator

  3. Liquid-liquid separator

  4. Hybrid separator

  5. Centrifugal extractor

Our headquarters in Almelo

Here you can see our headquarters. In here our product lines are manufactured.

Applicable industries


  • Chemistry
  • Pharma
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wastewater
  • Metals & Mining
Product brochures


  • HC Separators
  • SL separator
  • Gravity separator